Coffee, culture and learning Bahasa Indonesia in Jakarta

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Welcome back!

I want to tell a story from Jakarta. This time, it’s a contribution from friends in South America, they are learning Bahasa Indonesia and they love it.

Dear friends

The story I’m about to tell you, it’s a small memory from my time in Jakarta.

During my time in the city, I was surprised by the hot weather and the skyscrapers surrounded by small street food stalls in my neighborhood.

It was around midday, and I was just walking around the city, I was thirsty, so I decided to have some coffee.
I went for a local shop, and the owner, an old lady, greeted me with so much joy I was surprised.

I asked for my coffee, and she gave me a huge plastic glass with ice and poured the drink over it, and then sealed the cup and showed me where the straws were.

She asked me something, I couldn’t understand what it was, but I asked for help to another customer, she was young and she knew how to speak English. My Bahasa Indonesia is still basic, but she was so kind and smart and told me everything the old lady was asking me about.

This lady, asked me: why I was walking alone?

It was funny, it wasn’t the first time someone asked me about this.
I told her I was having some time in Jakarta learning Bahasa Indonesia. She was delighted to learn that, and I told her I didn’t need someone with me for learning.
[Now I see this answer so fool]
My new friend, the girl translating my English, smiled and then told me what the old lady said:

“we are talking right now, you cannot practice any language if you do not interact with other people, but trying to understand culture is much more difficult to to alone, in a bedroom empty and lonely”

She was right, but at the same time, she liked my answer, because she said:

“at the same time, you took the time to come here, and learn, and talk, you left home and became a talker, no shame to share with others”

I felt so good, I though I was going nuts, she was so kind and nice to me. I will always remember what she said, and how the girl at the shop helped me to understand their culture and point of view, and to comprehend my world and how I was expanding my culture, just by going out and talking.

Thanks for reading friends at I love Bahasa and the language of love.


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